Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

How do you celebrate your 6th birthday in Northern MN in Oct.??

Playing HOCKEY of COURSE!!  
And to really make it about a SNOW storm!!

Wesley had a wonderful day full of family, friends, and hockey fun!!!

When Wesley woke up he says, "I really like the decorations Mom, but I am just wondering where is the white.  It is red, WHITE, and blue.  I only see red and blue."

(So I made sure to get red, WHITE, and blue balloons for his party at the rink. he he)
SO cute!!

Present time!  So excited!!

Thank you Auntie Linda and Uncle Karl!

"Hand me another present, Katherine" as he kicks back on his new pillow from his sis.

Thank you for the new hockey game, Grandpa Scott.  And for coming up for birthday weekend!
We had so much fun with you!!

Let the games begin!

Thank you for the new hockey movie, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sue!!
Thank you for the I spy book, Oma.
:"I don't like it.....I LOVE IT!!!!"

This is a very special present from Great Grandma Bernie.
This was presented to Great Grandpa Dorvin for his service as a Marine in WW2.
G.Grandma Bernie wrote a letter to Wesley explaining all of Grandpa's service as a Marine and that he was awarded the Purple Heart.  Wesley loves this!  He has not put it down.
Thank you so much Grandma Bernie.
For those of you who don't know...our little Wesley LOVES the USA!
He has a very special love for the flag....and his favorite song is the Star Spangled Banner.

 Hockey Party at the RINK!
What a great afternoon with GREAT FRIENDS!
They all had so much fun playing games on and off the ice!
And of course....ICE CREAM CAKE!
Thanks for coming and making Wesley's birthday so much fun!!

 Wesley's other favorite color....BLACK & GOLD!
Looking handsome in his new jacket from Mommy and Daddy.
 When we got home from the rink, Katherine set up another party in the warming house.
So we ate pizza and played hockey bingo.  

It was a great day celebrating an incredible little man!
Happy Birthday Wesley Matthew!!

We love you sooooo much!!!!!

Happy Birthday Wesley!!!

It is crazy to me that my little baby boy just turned SIX!
Wesley Matthew Schreiner, You are an amazing little man!
You are so smart, kind, and loving.
Our lives are blessed each and every day with all you bring to our lives!

We love you so much sweet boy!!

Here's a little look at our sweet Wesley through the years....